1. The Best Rooms For Tile Flooring

    Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options in Americans’ homes. We’ll even go as far as to say it’s a favorite of America’s. However, tile has just as many benefits as hardwood flooring and offers you the same versatility that hardwood can. Many people think of hardwood flooring when they want to redo their homes, but tile flooring can be a great addition to any residence. While …Read More

  2. Decorate Your House With Hardwood Floors The Right Way

    Hardwood floors can be incredibly beautiful. If you go with traditional flooring, then you can add a sophisticated look to your home. If you choose a more modern look for your hardwood floors, then you can enjoy a more refined vibe to your house. This versatile flooring option offers you different styles, colors, and species to add to any home in the Danbury, CT, area. If you’d like to add hardw…Read More

  3. How To Get Stains Out Of Your Carpeting

    You invite your friends over one night and you decide to get a little tipsy with some red wine you’ve been saving. As you go to enjoy a second cup, you accidentally knock the entire bottle onto your new white carpeting. Here’s another scenario: you just got a new Goldendoodle puppy — she’s the cutest — when she has an accident on your new navy carpeting. These situations are exceptionall…Read More

  4. Compare And Contrast Carpet, Hardwood, And Tile Flooring

    So you want to renovate your home; that’s fantastic! It can be a great decision to change your home up. Whether that means redoing the kitchen or adding some extra space to your living room or bedroom, transforming your home can be exceptionally beneficial, especially if you’d like to add value to it. When you are renovating your home, you may be considering a few different options when it com…Read More

  5. Chic Tile Flooring Designs For Your Bathroom

    The bathroom to some is just a place to get ready in the mornings and get ready for bed evenings. It’s a place to practice hygiene and that’s it. To others, a bathroom can be the place to relax and decompress after a long, stressful day. You may fall in the former, the latter, or somewhere in between. Regardless, there’s no need for your bathroom to be plain and minimal. This is your house a…Read More

  6. The Most Popular Hardwood Flooring

    Summer is upon us and you might be feeling a bit restless with the way your home looks. After being closeted in the house during this chilly winter, you may be looking for some change. Perhaps you noticed some unattractive stains in your carpet or the flooring in your dining room just isn’t doing it for you anymore. Maybe you’re interested in changing around your furniture and want the floori…Read More

  7. Modern Carpet Types For Your Home

    Carpeting is not all the same. While it might be easy to generalize and assume that all types of carpeting are made equally, that’s a false assumption. This type of a flooring option comes in many different colors, shapes, patterns, and materials. If you are thinking of redoing your home, then you’re probably thinking about what type of carpet would look best. Since we are in a new year, Zolta…Read More

  8. Tile Flooring Ideas To Try In Your Home

    Add a little versatility to your home when you decide to choose tile flooring. While tile flooring can be a little intimidating because you have so many options for designs, it’s a great addition to any home because of how unique it allows you to be. This type of flooring is beneficial for bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, entryways, and patios. It’s also a great choice for homes that need to be …Read More

  9. The Do Nots On Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood flooring is beautiful. It provides a sophisticated and antique look to any residence. While it’s warm, inviting, and gorgeous to have in your home, it can also be very difficult to maintain and there are certain don’ts that should be taken into consideration before you decide to get hardwood flooring. If you want to maintain the look of the hardwood floor, then it’s best that you cl…Read More

  10. Top Carpeting Colors Of 2017

    Once upon a time carpeting was very limited in the textures, patterns, and the colors that it had to offer. There was basic beige and that was pretty much it. Thankfully, like so many industries, the carpet industry has entered a new age of trendy patterns, color schemes, and textures. With this evolution in carpeting, we’re happy to say that at our flooring company, we’ve stayed 100 percent w…Read More