Zoltan European Floors, Inc. Is Much More Than Just Flooring

While we strive to be the environmentally friendly flooring company you can count on for all your hardwood flooring needs, Zoltan European Floors, Inc. also believes in giving back to the community we love.

Our flooring contractors are passionate about being able to help others that are less fortunate. We believe that by donating material and labor to the St. Peter church, parish kitchen, and religious education center, we are doing our part in advancing and supporting our community. In addition to donating materials, we also love when we get to donate our time and talent to Habitat for Humanity, aiding in the building of new homes.

We don’t just want to be a flooring company you like for your wood floor installations, we want to stand out for the way we treat our customers, our neighbors, and our friends. We don’t just care about those that we get to work with, but rather, we strive to use our years of expertise and flooring skills to better the businesses and individuals that surround us.

The foundation of our beliefs and values carry through our business and all of those who work with us. The more that we can do for everyone around us, the better our community is as a whole.