If you have spent time redesigning the interior of your home, beautifully incorporating seamless wooden floors into the design, the last thing you should do is ruin the aesthetic by placing metal or plastic vents on the ground.

Accent Your Floors Correctly

Vents are unavoidable. You can’t choose their placement and you certainly cannot do without them. The options of what you can do are definitely limited. However, there’s no reason that you should have to disturb the beauty of your wooden floors because of your vents; that’s why we offer wooden vent covers.

Customized To Match Your Floor

Whether you’re looking for a vent that lays flush with your flooring or you want ones that are designed, Zoltan European Floors, Inc. has what you need. From self-rimming to flush mount, and a variety of other styles, we will match the vent of your choice to your current flooring.

At Zoltan European Floors, Inc. we believe in providing each one of our customers with superior quality products that last just as long as your floors. We pride ourselves on our industry leading products and believe in doing the right thing the first time, so you are always exceptionally pleased with your choices and our craftsmanship.

Instead of ruining your wood floor with the unattractive metal vents covers, accent them with our wooden vents. Whether you need help deciding what to buy or you get home and realize you want something different, our flooring contractors are more than willing to work with you until you have what you need. Your happiness and satisfaction are our priority, and we will stop at nothing to ensure that the vent you choose, you love.

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