The bathroom to some is just a place to get ready in the mornings and get ready for bed evenings. It’s a place to practice hygiene and that’s it. To others, a bathroom can be the place to relax and decompress after a long, stressful day. You may fall in the former, the latter, or somewhere in between. Regardless, there’s no need for your bathroom to be plain and minimal. This is your house and you have permission to spread out to do what you want. If you’re ready to change the tiles on your floor in the bathroom, then reach out to Zoltan European Floors, Inc.

Designs To Check Out

In our blog today, we’ll be going over chic tile flooring options that will spice up your bathroom. You may think that a bathroom is just a bathroom, but that’s not the case. You can do a variety of beautiful designers that will make your bathroom feel much more like home. What’s great about tile flooring is that you can do so much with them. If you want more of an international flair because you love trotting around the globe, then add some pizzazz to it. If you want a cozy bathroom where you can lay back in a relax, then utilize some of these tips.

Basket Weave

The basket weave look is a beautiful peek-a-boo look in your bathroom. You can use this look all over your bathroom or you can have it as the centerpiece. If you have a clawfoot bathroom, then you can bring back a more traditional look with the basket weave. This look is detailed, historic, and it plays well off a marble bathroom floor. If you don’t have marble, then don’t worry you can still enjoy this look on the entire flooring of the bathroom.

Undulating Waves

Waves are very inspirational and soothing. They make your bathroom look more beachy and tropical, especially if you add a few plants in there to spice it up as well as install some fun wallpaper. This design is soothing and will pull together a bathroom. The ebb and the flow of the room is created with the flooring and some beachy touches to make your bathroom feel warm and comforting.

Hexagonal Pattern

Do you wish you lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan? Do you want to add a more classy feel to your bathroom? The hexagonal pattern is dramatic, fun, and impactful. You could even design your entire bathroom around the new flooring with an old-fashioned tub and a small chandelier. Relaxing and dynamic, this hexagonal design is luxurious and still pivotal without going overboard.

Bright Blue

Lastly, if you absolutely love blue, then bright blue is the design for you. This bright, beautiful, and bold design is simple while maintaining its color. If you love being by the seas such as the Adriatic, Meditation, or the Carribean, then add some cerulean to your bathroom. To really make the blue glow, you can incorporate bronze coloring to make your bathroom pop with a look that’s chic and gorgeous.

Are you interested in getting one of these looks? Contact us today and we’ll add some tile flooring in your bathroom is beautiful and chic designs.