Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options in Americans’ homes. We’ll even go as far as to say it’s a favorite of America’s. However, tile has just as many benefits as hardwood flooring and offers you the same versatility that hardwood can. Many people think of hardwood flooring when they want to redo their homes, but tile flooring can be a great addition to any residence. While it can be a bit cooler, you can take advantage of unique patterns, colors, and sizing. If you’re interested in getting tile flooring installed in your home, then contact our Top Rated Local® Flooring Company in Danbury.

Rooms That Look Best In Tile

In today’s blog, we’ll be covering what rooms would look best in tile. Tile flooring can be such a great addition to any home. Not only is it durable, but you won’t have to worry about it getting stained. Tile is not easily stained and you shouldn’t expect broken pieces of flooring. Additionally, it’s water resistant, so it’s a perfect choice for areas around your home that are exposed to water.

Some of the areas that tile flooring looks the best in are the following:


In the kitchen, one of the best options is porcelain tile; however, whatever type of tile you’re interested in trying can be a beneficial one. The kitchen is a heavily trafficked area. After sports practices, your kids may come in to get a snack. After work, you may go to the fridge to eat something before making dinner. The kitchen should have flooring that can withstand grime, water, spills, and chairs moving back and forth against the floor. Additionally, you’ll probably have a trash can too. Tile can be a great choice because it’s durable and will stand up to all of those challenges as well as heavy foot traffic.


Some homes have a mudroom. This room is pretty much what you’d imagine a mudroom to be. It’s a room where you can leave your coats, shoes, winter gear, and other little items you need to leave the house. It’s also a room that gets a lot of heavy foot traffic and univinted elements such as fallen leaves, mud, and snow. It’s important that, like the kitchen, the mudroom also has sturdy flooring options to ensure that it can hold up to day-to-day activities.


Installing carpeting or hardwood flooring in a bathroom can be a bad idea. Not only could carpet mold with all of the exposure to water and humidity from hot showers, but hardwood can also warp and become disfigured, making both of these a bad investment for the bathroom. Tile flooring is the most ideal choice for bathrooms because it’s resistant to water. Tile also holds up well in wet places and will not fade due to exposure to sunlight.

Laundry Room

Similar to the mudroom, the laundry room is an excellent area to add tile in. The laundry room is exposed to water and heavy traffic. Sometimes the washer will leak or you may hang up your wet clothes on the line to ensure that they don’t shrink. Obviously, hardwood or carpeting can be a disastrous choice for those areas. Due to the durability, tile in the laundry room can be a great choice since you’re going in and out of the room with heavy baskets of clothes.


The sunroom can be such an enjoyable room in the house. Not only can you enjoy the UV rays from the comfort of a couch or a lounger with a good book and a glass of wine, but you can also do it in style. Sunrooms generally have to have flooring that’s okay with exposure to sun, which eliminates hardwood. Sunrooms should also be durable since heavy furniture can litter the floor due to your desire to create a little oasis in your home. Tile flooring can take the most abuse in rooms like these, making it a must for a sunroom.

Is it time to redo the flooring in your home? We have some great options for tile, so make sure to consider Zoltan European Floors, Inc. in Danbury as your flooring company when you’d like to add a little something extra to your home. For more information about flooring, stay tuned for our next blog.