Carpeting is not all the same. While it might be easy to generalize and assume that all types of carpeting are made equally, that’s a false assumption. This type of a flooring option comes in many different colors, shapes, patterns, and materials. If you are thinking of redoing your home, then you’re probably thinking about what type of carpet would look best. Since we are in a new year, Zoltan European Floors, Inc. thought it was vital that we cover a few types of flooring possibilities that are different than what you may usually go with for carpeting. Our carpet installation is a great service for you to take advantage of because it’s so easy and flexible. In addition, we’ll also go over with you what types of carpeting would look superb in your residence. Ask us any questions or tell us any concerns you may feel about the flooring you’re considering.

Spectacular Carpet Types For Your Home

If you’re looking at carpeting, then you probably already know all the general types. However, have you checked out some amazing carpet types you can incorporate into your home? We compiled three different carpet types that you’ll love in your home. Not only are they spectacular, but they are currently trendy and stylish. One of them is even an environmentally-friendly option. After all, whoever said that you couldn’t be stylish and save the earth? Check out some of these spectacular carpeting options below to figure out what’s the right option for your home.

Waterproof Carpets

Yes! There are waterproof carpet options. You’re probably very excited to see this option if you have children, animals, or if you’re just a little bit messy, waterproof carpeting is a great choice for those who need carpeting that’s stain resistant. You can put this carpeting in your bathroom, so you don’t have to have cold feet when you get out of the shower. This carpeting option is 100 percent waterproof and can be used to add some warmth and squishiness under your toes. It won’t stain, soak up water, or become moldy. It’s also easy to clean. How can you beat that?

Recycled Carpet

Do you want to save the earth one strand of carpet at a time? Now you can with recycled carpet! This eco-friendly option is very in right now because of what it’s made out of, which is recycled materials. This innovative idea was crafted from recycled plastic soda bottles. Essentially, when you use this recycled option, you’re saving the earth one plastic bottle at a time.

Uncut Carpet Pile

Our third spectacular option is uncut carpet pile or Berber pile is a great type of carpeting that’s very unique. It’s also called loop pile and it leaves the entire loop of the carpeting material intact for each piece of carpeting. This durable, stain resistant, and fun option is affordable and great for high traffic areas. The uncut carpet pile option is not on the super soft side, but it evens out because of the durability it offers and the lack of indentations due to vacuum marks and footprints.

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